Five of the Most Powerful Mediation/Mind Development Tools of All Time. What you're about to discover is unlike anything you've ever experienced. You don't just listen to these soundtracks - YOU EXPERIENCE THEM. Five soundtracks - each completely unique with a progressively more intense frequency matrix. They are designed to coax your brain into deep states and open a window into the unconscious mind.



IMPORTANT: Only works with quality stereo headphones – Read users guide below first. Start with Ultra Meditation I – The Beginning. Tap on the title and it will take you to the program track. 


“IT MEDITATES YOU” is how one Therapist put it, while using prescribing it for his patients. 

The true purpose of meditation is to redirect the energies of mind to unfold states of higher awareness and access deep mystical truths. When you achieve a state of pure consciousness, space-time becomes temporarily suspended and you experience whats been called – “the eternal moment“. In that moment you are witness to a greater awareness and your connection to the infinite. The goal of all is much more than the health benefits… it’s a state of enlightened awareness that stay’s with you as you experience life. The side benefits of regular use is permanent stress reduction and feelings of blissful happiness. 

The difficulty with traditional meditation is that takes many years of practice to train your brain to drive its energy patterns into this optimal state. Ultra-Meditation uses a technology of precise sound frequencies that redirect these energy patterns, automatically unfolding profound altered states of consciousness at the push of a button. 

5-Transcendence programs deliver the ultimate meditation experience. The purpose of these powerful mind tools is to shift the energy within your mind to achieve a higher order of your being. With its intricate harmonics and overlays, its designed to gently slow both sides of your brain into synchronicity and unfold profound states of awareness. 


This program was developed for direct experience since only that which is felt can change you. The transformation process is more to be experienced than understood.

WARNING: Do not use while driving or operating machinery. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the User’s Guide below before using.

Download the Ultra Meditation User Guide for reference, or read the instructions below before using this program. 


The Ultra Meditation™ programs are special soundtracks designed to induce deep relaxation while coaxing your brain into a synchronized theta state of consciousness.

They are powerful neuro-psychological tools that are very easy to use. In fact the only effort required by you is to listen to them. These tracks must be used with a stereo player with headphones only. The special “mind-state” these soundtracks induce will not work without stereo headphones.

Getting Started

There are a few general points to keep in mind when you use these soundtracks.


To get the most out of this experience, it is best to practice on a regular basis, daily if possible, for at least several months. Unless you repeat the experience on a frequent basis, you will not get the full benefits of regular meditation. Once you have experienced the pleasant sensations of deeper relaxation and meditation, you’ll look forward to these short sessions as a welcome “time out.”

Try to practice in a place that is quiet and dimly lit. Use a sturdy, comfortable arm chair, a firm sofa or bed that supports your body well and keeps your spine straight. Loosen tight clothing so that you can breathe easily, and allow the blood to flow freely to all parts of your body. Some people like to remove their shoes during practice. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may feel more comfortable removing them as well.


Since relaxation is the opposite of tension, the best way to approach the meditative training is to “just let it happen.” The neuro-entrainment sound matrix in these recordings will take you there without you doing anything except just relaxing and letting yourself go. Use stereo headphones only, and start each session at the beginning of the tape. Slowly, the soundtrack unfolds the neuro-entrainment matrix and is designed to take you from a conscious beta state down through a relaxed alpha state and into a deep theta state of relaxation and altered consciousness. This will last for about 20 minutes. Then the audio matrix slowly brings you back to the beta conscious state, for a total 30-minute session.

Ultra Meditation™ I (The Beginning) is designed to take you into a theta state of consciousness and hold you there for 20 minutes. It is best to use UM I exclusively for the first 30 days. The sound matrix has been specially designed to begin training your brain to experience the physical sensations of deep meditation and altered consciousness.

Ultra Meditation™ II (Transformation) is designed to take you beyond an entry level into a deeper altered states of consciousness. Plug into UM II for the same 30 days. You may want to use the UM II exclusively for the second month or you may interchange it with UM I as you become adjusted to these new sensations. For regular use you may choose either soundtrack.

Ultra Meditation™ III (Awareness) is designed to take you deeper into the theta-delta realm to experience transcendence. Complex layers of subsonic textures deliver a different perceptual experience each time you listen to it. It is with this soundtrack that many users have reported transcendent experiences although it may occur at any time with any of these soundtracks. It is best to use UM III after completion of at least 60 days of regular use of the other two soundtracks.

Ultra Meditation™ IV (Cetacean Mind Link) is designed to give you the experience of linking your consciousness with that of a whale or dolphin. The acoustical landscape stimulates a special meditation experience to evoke deep emotional responses and memories about our water planet.

Ultra Meditation™ V (Near Death Experience) is designed to give you the ultimate transcendental experience by taking your consciousness through the aural landscape of the 5 stages of a near death simulation and then bring you back recharged, renewed and enlivened.

It is recommended that you listen to Ultra Meditation I (The Beginning) at least once per day for the first 30 days. No specific time or place is required, other than to be undisturbed for 30 minutes. After the first 30 days, you can move on to Ultra Meditation II (Transformation) for the next 30 days. Use only these soundtracks for at least the first sixty days before moving onto Ultra Meditation III (Awareness). At this time you should begin experiencing a shift in your perceptions and how you see yourself and the world. It is at this point that you want to begin with Ultra Meditation III and the other soundtracks. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOCUS ON ULTRA MEDITATION I AND ULTRA MEDITATION II FOR THE FIRST 60 DAYS. 

Your goal is transcendence. This is important and not to be rushed. You are prepping your brain to stimulate the correct physiological responses necessary to achieve higher states of consciousness. It is very easy to get distracted and especially if you become bored or are seduced by a need for entertainment and variety. If you are truly interested in achieving transcendence you will resist this temptation and stick with the first two soundtracks for 60-90 days. As you experience a shift in your consciousness (you will know when) you are ready to move on to level three and beyond.

You should keep a journal of your meditational journey. After each session, take 15-20 minutes to record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The first 44 days of journal pages are included in this guide. Not only is journaling a valuable process that keeps a record of your progression, but the short time you devote to contemplation has many rewards. You will find this time highly creative and useful for problem solving. It is highly recommended that you record your experiences and feelings in this journal as a routine aspect of your personal development program. This is important, because it will document the subtle shifts in your perceptions which are very difficult to quantify as time goes on.

WHAT KIND OF FEELINGS YOU CAN EXPECT When accumulated tension flows out of your muscles and other parts of your body, you can anticipate a number of sensations, some of which may be new to you. These can include tingling, a floating sensation, momentary numbness, mild muscle twitches, or feelings of flowing warmth or heaviness. You may find your mind wandering to unexpected thoughts that startle you, or even experience a lucid dream. This is entirely natural since a common result of altered state meditation is increased mental alertness. Some people may feel themselves dozing off during a session. You are not actually in a sleep state as the audio matrix is holding you in a theta pattern, which is just at the threshold of sleep. But because you’ve lost all “time sense” it may feel as if you’ve been sleeping, when in fact you’ve just been in a deep meditative state. If you are physically or mentally exhausted before starting a session, you may find it desirable to turn off your CD player and drift off to sleep (delta) after your session. How These Soundtracks Work The brain gives off electrical energy that corresponds to certain states of consciousness. The four kinds of brainwave patterns are really descriptive tags for different wave speeds. Brainwaves are measured in cycles per second. Delta is the slowest of the brainwaves (0-4 cycles per second), usually prominent when you are in your deepest stages of sleep and not dreaming. Theta (4-8 cycles per second) is related to creativity and dream activity. Alpha (8-13 cycles per second) is characterized by a relaxed but alert state. Beta (14-26 cycles per second) is the brainwave state when you are in a normal waking consciousness. Alpha, beta, theta, and delta are the brain’s electrical outputs which science can measure and attach some kind of meaning to. Science has no idea as to how these “waves” of energy affect the world outside, but science does know how it affects the world inside. Artists, musicians, and athletes are all prolific producers of alpha-theta brainwave patterns. Creativity and alpha-theta activity appear to be linked. Zen monks, yogis, and other experienced meditators have learned to alter their mind-state through training and discipline. These soundtracks are designed to give you a similar meditative experience without spending years practicing. How can they achieve this? Just as certain forms of music affect moods, certain soundwaves played in the right combinations will alter consciousness and drive the brain into a specific mind-state. The sound matrix on these soundtracks coax the brain to match the electrical frequencies in the theta range (4-8 cycles per second), and the result is an altered mind-state. In addition, the listening medium (musical overlay) used has been engineered to enhance whole brain synchrony (integration of left and right hemispheres).This is done through special effects engineering that directs certain sounds and tones to specific areas of the brain. Because sounds are processed in different ways by the left and right hemispheres, this deliberate redirection of sound it is believed causes the left brain to slow down, freeing the creative right brain, and inducing whole brain synchrony. WHAT YOU HEAR AND DON’T HEAR The neuro-entrainment matrix is composed of tones in a subsonic frequency range (just beneath the threshold of human hearing). These tones coax your brainwaves slowly from a beta consciousness down into the theta range. You may hear a faint, very low humming sound in the background of your tapes. This is the subsonic neuro-entrainment matrix. Layered over the neuro-entrainment matrix, each soundtrack has a special mix of transcendental sounds called a listening medium. Each of your soundtracks uses a different listening medium, and you may prefer one over the other for regular use. THERE ARE NO SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES ON ANY ULTRA MEDITATION SOUNDTRACK. If you are unaccustomed to meditation or spending time alone with yourself you may find this listening medium somewhat boring for 30 minutes. It is intentionally so. It is not like music in that there is no rhythm. Because the brain has no musical patterns to fixate on it slows down. And this is the primary purpose of meditation. Deep meditation frees the mind. By reducing your internal dialogue you open the brain/mind to a state of pure consciousness. And that is the point of these soundtracks and the point of all meditation practices. WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU IN THETA As your Ultra Meditation soundtrack mentally relaxes you into a theta consciousness, your body physically relaxes too. Your heart rate slows and respiration becomes regular and relaxed. Your muscles relax and your arms and legs become limp. Your attention becomes focused inward while outside distractions seem to melt away. Here are some comments from different people of what the theta experience felt like to them: “An incredible floating sensation.” “I feel like I can just let things happen and everything will work out for me.” “I feel an increase in energy, and a release in tension.” “It’s not the same kind of relaxation like lying down and taking a nap. Instead it’s a special kind of relaxation. I feel more aware, and it gives me a great feeling of power and concentration.” “I feel as though I’d left my body.” In addition to unfolding a powerful relaxation state, it is believed by some psychologists and neurologists that the brain uses the theta state for psychological and physiological programming. By entraining the brain to stay in this altered state on a daily basis for a minimum of 30 minutes, you are opening a door to your unlimited self. Listening to these special tracks on a regular basis is more than just a pleasant experience. The positive change it produces can affect every area of your life. As you use this program on a regular basis, you should notice less overall stress in your daily life. The anxiety quelling properties of regular meditation is well documented, and these soundtracks, if used on a regular basis, will help you perform at optimal levels in every area of your life. After only a few months of use you should discover subtle yet profound shifts in your life. Besides reducing stress which dramatically improves health, many users report a heightened awareness and a greater perception of events. You become more “centered” and feel a greater sense of “aliveness” and “focus” as you engage in your daily activities. This shift is subtle but powerful. And the transformational effects you’ll experience over the months and years to come are forever. Now you are ready to begin. Enjoy your experience


You need a good set of stereo headphones to experience the full effects of the neuro-entrainment matrix which directs specific sounds and frequencies and enhances whole brain synchrony. Cheap headphones do not produce the best frequency response. For more details see the Zygon headphone offer for members.  


Like exercise the effects are cumulative over time. You may experience nothing for the first week or two, other than just feeling calm and relaxed. The greater effect occurs over a month or two, as you become accustomed to a regular practice of meditation. If you stick with it, doing at least one session a day for a month, you will notice a subtle change in how you feel about yourself and the world around you. The way to know this is by keep a journal and writing down your thoughts and feelings immediately following a session.


One is sufficient to get started. Some users like to rotate between two programs, generally starting with UM-I for the first 30 days and then adding UM II and III and doing 2 sessions a day. Each soundtrack is progressively deeper and it is best to stick with UM I for the first 30 days. See your Users Guide for more information on this.


UM I – The Beginning. Use this for the first 3-4 weeks (daily if possible), and then add in UM-II and III. Use stereo headphones only. the ones that fully cover your ears are best. Find a quiet place where you can be alone for 30 minutes undisturbed and make certain your spine is straight either laying down, or sitting. Push play, adjust the volume and allow the sounds to take you to that altered state.


No. A certain percentage of people have an initial negative reaction due to the unconscious mind not wanting to surface certain experiences. This program is about transformation and will bring up things deep in your unconscious that you may not want to remember. This means the process is working. Its like stirring up the muck under the surface of a pond and until that is cleared out, it may dredge up negative emotions and old ideas that are holding you back in your life. Please see the Users Guide for details and how to get the most out of this program.

“I experienced what I can only describe as a body orgasm. My entire body was warm and tingling and I felt I was going to levitate at any moment…I can’t describe how wonderful it felt. – M.O. 

“Ultra Mediation produces altered states of consciousness of a profound nature. In addition to the therapeutic value {it} provides a veritable space-mind platform from which advanced adventurers in consciousness can can blast off into even subtler spheres of perception to explore the inner depths of mind”. – S.Q. 

“It’s the most fantastic higher consciousness tool I have ever come across.  During my first session I experienced what I can only describe as a full body orgasm . My entire body was tingling and warm and I felt like I was going to levitate at any moment…. I hope the entire human race can be turned on to these [programs] because I think it would totally transform the world”. – Daniel O. 

“Since beginning Ultra Meditation my blood pressure has normalized, my eating habits have become nutritional…my drinking, smoking and other bad habits have been neutralized….and I am relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally alert and spiritually awake.” – C.M.D. 

“I receive stronger, faster and deeper states of meditation with this [program]…I’ve noticed my eyes after a meditation have a sparkle and shine that wasn’t there before”. – B.F.D. 

“No other [programs] or techniques relax me the way yours do. It amazes me the way I can actually feel the tension leaving every part of my body. The tension just flows out of me like water down a drain. Its great!”. – R.W. 

mind experience, will transport you to a place of profound awareness.

TRANSFORMATION. The audio matrix focuses your attention inward while relaxing your body. 

DELTA EXPERIENCE. Deeper and deeper you go as your mind is transported to a new experience.

CETACEAN MIND LINK. Experience being in the ocean with whales and dolphins.

BEYOND & BACK. THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. Feel yourself leave your body and enter a state of bliss.