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Dane Spotts
Founder & Fellow Mind Warrior

I started Zygon more than 30 years ago. My mission then – as it is now – is to “empower people to realize their full potential using technology that unleashes the power of mind.”

The new Zygon App has hundreds of streaming programs for Success Conditioning, Meditation, Abundance, Sleep/Lucid Dreaming, Accelerated Learning, courses on Mind Power, along with Mind Development Workshops and Podcasts. It truly is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. And this is just the beginning. 

Now, begin your journey by testing your headphones and experiencing the “Zygon Mind Zone.”

Thank you for joining our growing community of Mind Warriors.

Many Zygon programs require using HIGH QUALITY STEREO HEADPHONES to deliver sound to specific areas of  the brain.

First, watch the video then take the HEADPHONES TEST to determine if you need an upgrade. 


These videos will help you navigate the App, and show you how to optimize your “Zygon Listening Set-up” to insure your success.

Getting Started Videos

To answer the most common question, “Where do I start?” the PATHWAYS System will help you choose your ideal personal development path.


Here are some ‘quick links’ to more resources:

The Mission
A short podcast on Zygon’s Mission and your role in it.

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