Dear Mind Warrior, 

I have something important to say to you before you sign-up for the LEVEL-ONE premium membership plan. And, that is a sincere THANK YOU. The ZYGON app offers a ton of free programs, but the premium mind development technology is at the core of your transformational journey.

By embracing these programs, and supporting the Mind Warrior Project, makes you one of “us”. A Mind Warrior. You will be embarking on a journey of self-discovery that will change everything. It will not only allow you to see and experience the world in a new way, but YOU will affect everyone you come in contact with. This is how we change the world. Not through politics or social engineering, but one evolved individual mind at a time. 

Each of us…experiencing being alive to the fullest extent possible and spreading personal joy and possibilities with everyone we come in contact with, really does change the world for the better. Don’t want to get too mushy here – so let’s get to it. 

You can choose from a month-to-month plan (cancel at any time) or an annual membership. Both give you access to the same content however the annual plan offers the most savings. 

Click on your preference below and finalize your sign-up.

MONTHLY PLAN – $12.95 (cancel at any time)

ANNUAL PLAN – $89.95 (a 40% discount off the month-to-month cost)

My promise to you is that you will be totally blown away by your experiences with the Zygon technology, workshops and courses. If you follow the instructions provided with each program and honestly work these programs,  you will see the power it unleashes – and how it affects your life, and the lives of everyone you come in contact with. If there is anything you don’t like or you would like to see added… just let me know. I’ll make the necessary changes. 

We are all on the journey of “life” together. Let’s make it count for something. 

Thanks again – and all my best,

Dane Spotts
a Fellow ‘Mind Warrior’

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