Peak Performance

This path programs a winning mindset and installing powerful new success behaviors into your subconscious.


Pathways is designed to get you started on your personal development journey by giving you the programs you need in a specific order. It’s important to follow the schedule and not skip around while on a specific Path. However, if you choose to try another Path, make sure you start with first program and follow the prescribed order.


1 – The Law of Attraction Video Series

The 5 part series delves into the mystery of how to leverage the power of the universe and your mind, to create the future you want to experience.

2 – The Secret of Living the Perfect Life Audio and Video Workshop

This very special workshop not only teaches you how to discover who you are, your passions and ultimately what you should be doing with your life, but takes you through a very insightful “dream discovery” session.

3 – Find Your Mission in Life Audio and Video Workshop

Discover your passion and ultimately what you should be doing with your life. This workshop takes you an insightful dream discovery process where you will meet your future self and discover your life’s purpose.

4 – Mind Power Secrets Audio Workshop

Learn how to access the hidden powers of your mind and use a remarkable technology called “visioneering” that focuses the power of the mind to make your dreams come true.

5 – Brain Supercharger Mind Lab

This selection of powerful soundtracks will help reprogram core beliefs about yourself and how you perceive the world.

     Soaring Self-Confidence

     Sports Performance

     Super Memory & Accelerated Learning

     Ultra Success Conditioning

     Winning Personality & Self Image

6 – Project a Winner’s Image Audio Workshop

Gain Confidence and Charisma. Overcome shyness. Start conversations in group situations. Give interviews without any signs of nervousness. Command an audience with a dynamic presentation. Gain confidence and charisma others will feel the moment you enter a room.

7 – Brain Breaks

There is no substitute for investing in yourself and spending the time to build a better mind. But every once in awhile, even a Mind Warrior needs a break. These programs offer a quick, ten minute re-charge when you need it the most.

8 – Thinking Body Dancing Mind

This workshop embodies a classic Tao paradox. It immediately encourages us to think differently by juxtaposing opposites. “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind” means that you have within you all that you need to be do anything you desire.