Meditation & Transcendence

Gives you the tools to explore altered states and experience transcendence and expanding consciousness.


Pathways is designed to get you started on your personal development journey by giving you the programs you need in a specific order. It’s important to follow the schedule and not skip around while on a specific Path. However, if you choose to try another Path, make sure you start with first program and follow the prescribed order.


1 – Meditation Secrets Video Workshop

Meditation Secrets will introduce you to a new technology to manipulate the energies of consciousness at the push of a button, and achieve that transcendental mind state that monks and spiritual warrior’s have been trying to reach for thousands of years.

2 – Ultra Meditation: The 5 Level Transcendence System

The purpose of these 5 powerful mind tools is to shift the energy within your mind to achieve a higher order of being. With its intricate harmonics and overlays, each soundtrack is designed to gently slow both sides of your brain into synchronicity and unfold profound states of awareness. (IMPORTANT: Make sure to follow the directions in the Ultra Meditation User Guide, and you experience the soundtracks in their sequential order.)

3 Transcendental Mind

Similar to ancient ceremonies, these soundtracks help induce altered states experiences. The result: you experience a “mind trip” and your imagination is driven into alternate dimensions of reality where magic and mystery rule.

4 – Advanced Meditation

These advanced soundtracks provide a variety of meditative experiences that will take you deeper into your inner journey. Use them ONLY after you have completed the previous programs listed in this Pathway

A new technique has been employed on these experimental soundtracks to assist in launching your soul on its journey to transcendence. A special 3-D sound algorithm was employed to enhance this process leading the mind on an extreme aural experience.

These experimental programs were created to test the boundaries of Zygon’s mind exploration technologies.

Oeyah Power Mediation
This deep resonating soundtrack is designed to target a specific resonance and alter consciousness.

5 – Healing Music

Combining advanced sound processing techniques, contemporary sounds and textures, and sacred music used in ancient healing rituals, these powerful programs are designed to promote wellness, emotional centeredness and spiritual awakening. This is the essence of the Healing music series.