News & Updates

Here is the latest going on at the ZYGON  ‘Mind Zone’ factory…

App Release News:

May 14, 2021 – Zygon Web-App.

We just finished the new app development and will be posting to the app-stores by months end. In the interim you can sideload the android app… by going to Or using the web app –

Program Updates:

May 1, 2021 – Sleep technology

New video sleep system has been published in the sleep section

March 30, 2021 – The Way of a Mind Warrior – audio book and Mood Shifts

Two great releases this month. Dane’s audio book/workshop which is the foundation for all the ZYGON works, and a new series of special soundtracks for home and office environments called “Mood Shifts” Find them live on the app now.

February 24 , 2021 – Release of Master Courses

Master Courses – The Photographic Mind, Super Vocabulary, Triggers are now complete and will be open to all Level-1 members for FREE. If you didn’t see the email on it… you should be able access just by logging in. We want your feedback on these, and if you are at all interested please participate. In the future they will be sold separately but for now — ENJOY!. 

Podcast Series:

May 15, 2021 –  Pathways To Higher Consciousness Episode 9

We just published an amazing interview with philosopher and author Ken Keyes. You can access the podcast on your app link or