Using new digital technology that creates an almost perfect 3-D soundform, these four Moodscape Environments mix musical patterns and a special neuromatrix into four powerful and unique meditations. Each is designed to place your consciousness in the middle of a different environment...Thunderstorm, Spring Day, Savanna Night, or a Seashore scene. For ultimate relaxation and adventurous mind escapes.



These experiences are  programmed for use with headphones

THUNDERSTORM   A storm is coming. You hear the thunder. Lightning strikes and rain begins to fall. You feel safe but charged by the powerful forces of nature.

SPRING DAY  Bathe in a warm breeze, as the scent of flowers and new grass fills the air. A soothing stream and the sounds of birds celebrate the ecstasy of aliveness.

SEASHORE  Gentle waves roll in as the sea gulls dance. Ocean mist fills the air. A ship passes by far out to sea. A musical texture surrounds you with love.

SAVANNA NIGHT  The night sky is filled with stars. From an overlook you watch a vast African plain below come alive. Ancient drumbeats far away fill the air with magic.