The Millionaire’s Mind Workshop

The Millionaire’s Mind Workshop was created by ZYGON’s Dane Spotts to introduce you to the Millionaire’s Mind concept and give you the tools to implant the success traits that will program your inner mind to achieve anything you want in life. The 4 Modules in this video workshop will guide you step-by-step through a unique proprietary process to develop your new Millionaire’s Mind.

Module 1 – Dane dives into what it means to have a Millionaire’s Mind, the benefits and the success traits you want to embed, and what you need to do to implant one into your subconscious so that you go about life in a new way….with boldness and risk-taking that pays off.

Module 2 – In this module – “Creating Your Millionaire’s Mind Plan & Success Strategy” – Dane takes things further and shows you how to create an action plan. He shows you how to actualize your Plan by committing it to writing and kick starting the process of your inner mind (your subconscious auto-pilot) steering you toward making it so.

Module 3 – In this module you will discover an amazingly powerful set of MindScripting tools that will allow you to reprogram core beliefs about money and success. Dane then guides you through an actual Millionaire’s Mind Success Conditioning session, so you can feel what it’s like and then review all the tools in your inner mind programming toolset.

Module 4 – In this final module – “Making it Happen” – Dane shows you how to put everything together to start your new life. You now know what to do. You have a plan. You understand your weaknesses and strengths. And you have the tools to program your inner mind and condition your core success belief system. It’s time to “Make it Happen!”