The Law Of Attraction Using Visioneering

“The Law of Attraction – 5 part series” The Law of Attraction 5 part series delves into the mystery of how to leverage the power of the universe and your mind, to create the future you want to experience. There is a simple way to attract money, success, health and the life you want you live, by developing these hidden powers of mind using a mind technology called – THE VISIONEERING PROTOCOL. 

Developed by Dane Spotts more than 30 years ago and practiced by millions worldwide, it has been updated in 2022 using the ZYGON technology which automates this process in a powerful and fun way, that you can experience first-hand in this series. Each episode in this series takes you through a process of understanding and then delivers the technology so you can use it daily to create the reality and future you want to experience. 

EPISODE-1 THE UNIVERSE IS CONSCIOUSNESS How the Law of Attraction works within the universe’s information matrix and an understanding of the hidden power of mind to tap into this power. 

EPISODE-2 THE SELF SABOTAGING MIND The #1 failure point for being able to operate the law of attraction system successfully, is the way a person’s inner mind is wired. In this episode you will discover the tools and a system for eliminating self-sabotage, and rewiring your inner mind programming so it is aligned with the reality you want to achieve. 

EPISODE-3 THE VISIONEERING PROTOCOL The Visioneering Protocol, is the technique for creating a future blueprint using your innate powers of mind… that interacts with the Law of Attraction – information field and brings about the desired outcomes you seek. 

EPISODE-4 A GUIDED VISIONEERING SESSION Plug in your stereo headphones and experience the Zygon technology with a guided session, that will automate the Visioneering protocol and create the future reality you want to experience. 

EPISODE-5 VISIONEERING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM In Episode-5 you are given the tools to make the system work and a way to reinforce and activate the law of attraction and make your dreams a reality.

The best practice is to go through the entire course. It was designed to be short and to the point, however watching it several times will provide insights you may miss on the initial run though. In Episode 4 you will experience a Guided Visioneering Session… which is mostly designed to give you a sense and rehearsal for how this works. It will be more effective for your daily practice to use the Audio-Only version. You can just cue it up and get into position and do it as you will learn from this course. 

Included below is the Generic version and will work with any of your projects. We will be adding Guided Sessions on a continuous basis that deal with specific topics like, Money, Love, Career, etc. 

Visioneering Project Cards help re-enforce your project goals while doing your Visioneering work. You can download the CARD TEMPLATE file and print as many copies as you need. 

Download here:

Visioneering Project Card Template