The eight Healing Music soundtracks include: Healing Dreams, Emotional Well-Being, Inner Harmony Tune-Up, Radiant Health, Peaceful Sleep, Dream Therapy, Inner Child Healing, and Spiritual Healing.




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Power of Sound to Heal. Directing the Power of Music To Heal

The Emotional Body Is The Secret Of This Series

We researched this idea and adapted certain musical forms into an incredibly beautiful series of sacred sounds and musical textures. Because these soundtracks are very different from the Ultra Meditation and Transcendental Mind Library, you’ll be able to use your Healing Music programs in conjunction with your other soundtracks. I believe they will support your evolutionary process very nicely. The eight Healing Music soundtracks include: Healing Dreams, Emotional Well-Being, Inner Harmony Tune-Up, Radiant Health, Peaceful Sleep, Dream Therapy, Inner Child Healing, and Spiritual Healing.

Listen to certain forms of music and you feel a profound shift at the very core of your being. The spiritual leaders of ancient cultures understood this on an intuitive level. “Musical medicine” was a universal source of wellness, goodness, wholeness, and holiness. Combining advanced sound processing techniques, contemporary sounds and textures and sacred music used in ancient healing rituals, these powerful compositions are designed to promote wellness, emotional centeredness and spiritual awakening.

Healing Dreams
Close your eyes…breathe deeply. Imagine yourself lying on a grassy hillside in summer. A gentle August breeze murmurs sweetly in your ears. Listen to the ethereal harmonies dancing around you in the plush grass. Intense feelings of relaxation and contentedness wash over your body. Focus on the soothing images beginning to take shape in the clo9uds above. As you drift deeper into a trance-like meditative state, your mind and body cleanse themselves of all impurities, restoring peace and balance to your life.

Peaceful Sleep
Imagine standing atop a precipice overlooking a vast desert. The shifting sand below envelopes the horizon, entrancing you as it dances in the wind. Breathing in the hypnotic rhythms emanating from the desert floor, you lie down. Your eyelids grow heavy as mystical aural hues lull you into a tranquil slumber. Eyes closed, you watch the brilliant imagery unfold in the comforting darkness. A shaman emerges, covering you with a blanket of serenity. Peaceful, restful sleep comes easily.

Inner Child Healing
Light streams in through your window and you wake to the dawn. Wrapping yourself in a blanket, you are drawn outside to view the sunrise. Transcendent tones beckon you to welcome the new day. With each resounding note, a layer of your psychic-self peels back and is drenched in loving sunlight. Savoring every fold of your personal existence, you gain an enhanced appreciation and understanding of your past. Joyous feelings of revelation and wisdom flood you.

Inner Harmony
Imagine yourself watching three doves as they circle the treetops. The birds are playful, flying in rings around each other. See the birds as your heart, mind, and body. Focus on the whirling melodic textures swelling in the air. As the serene chords climb higher, almost reaching the doves, the birds begin to fly in formation, side by side. Feel your heart, mind and body also begin to shift. As the flight of the doves takes on a beautiful symmetry, you feel all the elements of your self fall into splendid alignment.

Emotional Well-Being
Focus on your chest cavity rising and falling. Ancient modalities lap first at your fingers and toes, then slowly up your arms and legs, until your entire body is wrapped in the lilting sounds of chimes and harps. You seem lighter, your body weightless…a calm, floating sensation takes over. Like a helium balloon ascending in the air, you feel released of your earthly bounds. Gazing back down at the everyday world below, you feel at one with the universe and more certain of your life’s path.

Radiant Health
You are walking along the ocean, your feet sifting gracefully through warm sand. A gentle, cooling rain begins to fall. The raindrops cloak your body in a shimmering coat of water. Celestial voices and harmonies beckon to your body’s inner rhythms. Your skin absorbs each bead of water, each note of music. The cleansing rain reaches to the very core of your physical self, washing anew each cell in your body. You experience a deep sensation of revitalization and completeness.

Dream Therapy
A profound musical landscape evolves while you drift off to sleep. Swells of soothing harmonics fill the room, providing the backdrop for enlightening dreams. Feel your mind’s eye peeling back and a door opening to greater understanding. Travel through sleep in a state of heightened consciousness. As you visit both familiar and new places and people, you are deeply aware of their significance in your wakeful life. You arise in the morning refreshed and rich with invaluable insights.

Spiritual Healing
You are floating on your back down a crystalline river. Suspended in space and time, your body is calm and your spirit emerges from within. a hauntingly beautiful, ever-changing palette of sound echoes from the river. Feel your spirit radiate from your physical being as your soul rushes to greet the irresistible melodies and chants. A choir of ethereal voices welcomes the soul and a rich musical tapestry bathes it. When your body reaches shore, your spirit continues to resonate with blissful tranquility and wholeness