F.A.Q. Tech Troubleshooting

These are the top asked questions regarding tech support and troubleshooting problems. If this doesn’t solve your issue, please contact Support.

Tracks Won't Load, Play or Keep Stopping:

Nothing can be more annoying that to cue up a meditation and have it stop or get interrupted in the middle of a session. The most important thing to get right is your device settings. Most members are using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to access the content. If your phone stops playing a Zygon program after it ‘goes to sleep,’ chances are a SETTING is causing the problem. The good news is, the fix is simple.

iPhone & iPad 

To ensure your iPhone plays a Zygon program without interruption, you need to ‘turn off’ the Auto-Lock in your SETTINGS App. To turn off Auto-Lock on your phone, follow these steps:

Open the SETTINGS App

2.      Select Display & Brightness

3.      Select Auto-Lock

4.      Select NEVER

For a simple demonstration, watch this short “How To” set-up video.

Android Phones & Tablets

To ensure your Android phone plays a Zygon program without interruption, you have two options:

  1. Adjust the SCREEN TIMEOUT setting in your phone’s SETTINGS Menu, or
  2. Download the KEEP SCREEN ON App.


To adjust your SCREEN TIMEOUT setting, follow these steps:

1.      Open SETTINGS menu

2.      Select DISPLAY

3.      Select ADVANCED (OS 10 and higher) then SCREEN TIMEOUT

4.      Select 30 minutes (max allowed)

To download the KEEP SCREEN ON app, go to the Google Play Store on your phone, and search for KEEP SCREEN ON. After you INSTALL and OPEN the app, check the “Keep screen on” box, then your phone will not shut down. Remember to un-check the box after you finish a Zygon program to preserve battery life.

Internet Connectivity:

You do need a fast internet connection to play the content. The current configuration is the device needs to be connected at all times. in the future there will be a way to play Zygon content off-line but currently everything is streaming and requires a connection. 4G and 5G as well as wifi broadband all work fine with the streams.

Create a Home Page Icon If Using Web App:

 You can always use the (web) version of the ZYGON app, by logging on with ANY device. Just open a browser (chrome is preferred) and go to www.zygonstream.com. To create a home page icon that will instantly open your ZYGON App go to your device’s browser settings and add the icon to your home screen. You can load/view on as many devices as you wish and your membership access will work on all of them. (see the quick set-up guide below)

Apple Devices (iPhone and iPad) w/Safari

Launch Safari and navigate to the main ZYGON page. Tap the Bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen (it resembles a box with an upward-pointing arrow). Tap Add to Home Screen. In the shortcut pop-up, type in ‘ZYGON’ then tap Add to save the new shortcut icon to the home screen.
Instructions apply to all iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Google Chrome

At the top right of your mobile browser you will see 3 vertical dots. This is your browser settings. Click on it and it will open a menu. Scroll down to find the “Add to Home Screen” icon. Click on it and it will open the pop up screen. Name it ‘ZYGON’, and it will create the icon on your device and go directly to the main app page.

Other Browsers

Firefox, Opera Samsung Internet…. all have an “add to home screen” option, that will auto-create an icon on your device desktop. Go into settings and you will see it. With the Zygon main page open, just click on it and it will open the pop-up icon. Name it ‘ZYGON’ and voila its on your device.


You must be a member to access the content. You can be a free member or a paid (Level-One) member which unlocks the premium content. To find out more about the member levels and join you can go to this link


You need quality stereo headphones to make most of the Zygon technology work. For information on headphones and to test yours go to the headphones link