1. Ultra Success Conditioning 2. Perfect Body Image 3. Project a Winning Self-Image 4. Mastering Stress 5. Unleashing Creativity 6. Healthy Mind ­ Healthy Body 7. Super Memory & Learning 8. Sports Performance 9. Soaring Self-Confidence 10. Improve Love Relationships 11. Attract Wealth & Prosperity 12. Enhanced Psychic Functioning



 You can download the Brain Supercharger User Guide, to print and use as reference guide, or read it below. It’s important to review these instructions before using this program. You MUST use quality stereo headphones to direct the sounds.



This guide explains how to use the unique soundtracks included in your Brain Supercharger Mind Lab. Each soundtrack in the series, has 2 soundtracks. The first uses the powerful Brain Supercharger technology to alter consciousness and expand awareness. The second is a mindscripting booster to be used as added reinforcement.

The powerful soundtracks in your Mind Lab are based on an innovative technology called Neuro-Entrainment™. Used regularly they can have a profound impact on your life. Be sure to read this entire user’s guide before using your soundtracks. Brain Supercharger soundtracks must be used with stereo headphones only. An exclusive sound engineering process incorporated in this recording called a Neuro-Matrix, induces a deep state of relaxation and altered consciousness. Through the stereophonic process, the sounds are delivered spatially into specific areas of the brain. A good set of stereo headphones is required for the technology to be effective.

The 12 titles included in your Brain Supercharger Mind Lab are:

1. Ultra Success Conditioning: Promote success by eliminating self-defeating beliefs and behavior.

2. Ultra Weight Control: Reprogram negative eating habits and attitudes about body image.

3. Winning Personality/Self-Image: Enhance self-esteem and positive attitudes about self.

4. Mastering Stress: Reduce anxiety and reframe the stressors in your life.

5. Unleash Creativity: Open the floodgates to your creative and intuitive powers.

6. Super Immunity/Health: Use the power of your mind to feel great!

7. Super Memory/Accelerated Learning: Reprogram attitudes about learning and memory.

8. Sports Performance: Give yourself that winning mental edge.

9. Soaring Self-Confidence: Build a strong self-image and eliminate fears.

10. Improve Love Relationships: Put passion, intimacy, and excitement into your love relationships.

11. Attract Wealth & Prosperity: Reprogram attitudes about money and wealth.

12. Enhanced Psychic Awareness: Open a channel to the universe and your unlimited potential.

Created in a state-of-the-art recording studio, using high-end digital mastering equipment, these soundtracks have been reproduced onto a special glass master and digitally replicated onto compact disc media. This procedure creates a perfect clone of the original soundtrack preserving the special tones and frequencies and insures an extraordinary experience to anyone who uses them. Getting Started There are a few general points to keep in mind when you use these soundtracks. To get the most out of your Brain Supercharger soundtrack, it is best to use it on a regular basis, daily if possible, for a full 30 minute session. And unless you repeat the experience on a frequent basis, you will not receive the full benefits it has to offer. Once you have experienced the pleasant sensations of deeper relaxation and higher states of consciousness, you will look forward to these short sessions as a welcome “time out.” Try to practice in a place that is quiet and dimly lit. Use a sturdy comfortable arm chair, a firm sofa, or bed that supports your body well and keeps your spine straight. Loosen tight clothing so that you can breathe easily, and allow the blood to flow freely to all parts of your body. Some people like to remove their shoes during practice. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may feel more comfortable removing them as well.

 How To Use Your Brain Supercharger

Since relaxation is the opposite of tension, the best way to approach the experience is to “just let it happen.” The Neuro-Matrix in these recordings will automatically unfold a deep state of relaxation without you doing anything except just relaxing and letting yourself go. Use stereo headphones only, and start each session at the beginning of the program. Slowly, as the soundtrack unfolds, the Neuro-Matrix is designed to automatically take you from a conscious beta brainwave state down through a relaxed alpha state and into a deep theta state of relaxation and altered consciousness. This will last for about 25 minutes.

Then the Neuro-Matrix slowly brings you back to the beta conscious state, for a total 30 minute session. It is recommended that you listen to one of your Brain Supercharger soundtracks at least once per day. No specific time or place is required other than to be undisturbed for 30 minutes. You should keep a written journal of your experiences. After each session, take 15-20 minutes to record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Not only is this a valuable process that gives you a formal record of your progression, but the short time you devote  to contemplation has many rewards. You will find this time highly creative and useful for problem solving in every area of your life.

What Kind Of Feelings You Can Expect

When accumulated tension flows out of your muscles and other parts of your body, you can anticipate a number of sensations, some of which may be new to you. These can include tingling, a floating sensation, momentary numbness, mild muscle twitches, or feelings of flowing warmth or heaviness. You may find your mind wandering to unexpected thoughts that startle you, or even experience a lucid dream. This is entirely natural since a common result of this altered state of consciousness is increased mental alertness. Some people may feel themselves dozing off during a session. You are probably not actually sleeping as the Neuro-Matrix is holding you in a theta brainwave pattern which is above the threshold of sleep. But because you’ve lost all “time sense,” it may feel as if you’ve been sleeping. If you are physically or mentally exhausted, you may find it desirable to turn off your player and drift off to sleep after your session.

The Psycho-Physical Benefits Of Regular Use

The Brain Supercharger is based on altered states research and the study of meditation. There is now a tremendous amount of interest by Westerners in the ancient practice of meditation because of the known health benefits. But much more is going on than just relaxing and dealing with your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is a powerful technique for expanding consciousness.

Here is a testimonial regarding meditation by one of the world’s most powerful minds:

“The really valuable thing is intuition. Through meditation I found answers before I asked the question. Imagination is more important than knowledge.” —Albert Einstein

For most of us it is difficult to grasp the concept that our so-called normal waking state is neither the highest nor the most effective state of which the human mind is capable. There are other states of vastly greater awareness which one can enter briefly and then return to normal living enriched, enlivened, and enhanced. To discover such knowledge we have to go very deeply into meditation. And this is very difficult for those who have not internalized the physiological responses required to induce these mental states. Eastern masters have long known of these difficulties. If every aspiring meditator was meditating correctly, the famous state of enlightenment would be common instead of rare.

Your Brain Supercharger soundtrack offers a solution. By physically driving the listener into a state of deep meditative awareness, it will allow anyone to experience mind states associated with higher states of consciousness. The relevance of this level of awareness becomes clear when one remembers the aim is not just to become more relaxed and dreamy, but to expand as far as possible the range of states over which one has full conscious control. Because the now-established benefits of meditation are widely known, many ailments which are the result of stress can be greatly improved within a few weeks of regular practice. Busy, stressed out individuals can center themselves, see situations more clearly, and cope with the daily difficulties of life.

The Brain Supercharger is a perfect tool for helping to achieve the benefits that deep meditation and higher states of consciousness have to offer.

How The Brain Supercharger Technology Works

The brain gives off electrical energy that corresponds to certain states of consciousness. The four kinds of brainwave patterns are really descriptive tags for different wave speeds. Brainwaves are measured in cycles per second. Delta is the slowest of the brainwaves (0-4 cycles per second), usually prominent when you are in your deepest stages of sleep and not dreaming. Theta (4-8 cycles per second), is related to creativity and dream activity. Alpha (8-13 cycles per second) is characterized by a relaxed but alert state. Beta (14-26 cycles per second) is the brainwave state when you are in normal waking consciousness. Beta, alpha, theta, and delta are the brain’s electrical outputs which science can measure and attach some kind of meaning to.

Scientists have no idea as to how these “waves” of energy affect the world outside, but they do know how it affects the world inside. Artists, musicians, and athletes are all prolific producers of alpha-theta brainwave patterns. Creativity and strong alpha-theta activity appear to be linked. Zen monks, yogis, and others who are experienced meditators, have learned to alter their mind-state through training and discipline. They are able to manipulate the energies of consciousness. This deliberate switching-off of external stimuli changes the content of one’s awareness.

The letting go of one’s normal reality expands awareness and controls attention. But the Eastern forms of meditation require years of concentrated practice to advance into these higher forms of awareness. The Brain Supercharger through regular use is designed to give you this same ability without spending 20 years training in meditation.

How does it achieve this?

Just as certain music affects your moods, certain soundwaves played in just the right frequency combinations will coax the brain into a specific mind state. These sound patterns, called the Neuro-Matrix, stimulate the brain/mind to match the electrical frequencies in the theta range (4-8 cycles per second), and the result is an altered mind-state. Layered over this matrix is a mix of environmental sound effects and soothing tones called a Random Sound Harmonic Overlay. Using special effects engineering, certain sounds and tones are directed to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Because these sounds are processed in different ways by the left and right hemispheres of the brain, this deliberate redirection of sound causes the left brain to slow down, freeing the creative right brain and inducing whole brain synchrony (integration of left and right hemispheres).

Key Point: Plug yourself into one of these special soundtracks for 28 minutes each day. As the special audio matrix layered onto the track unfolds its magic programming—a blissful state of deep relaxation sets in. Almost immediately your mind is launched into an altered states experience. It’s as if both mind and body are being launched into another dimension of time and space. And although it feels incredibly good, what’s going on under the surface is something quite profound.

The secret engineering process behind these amazing soundtracks is based on 3 discoveries as detailed in the book, Super Brain Power: 28 Minutes To A Supercharged Brain:

1. The ability to generate certain musical harmonics and sound frequencies with properties that shift mood and activate “right brain” awareness and help whole brain synchrony. It is believed that people who enter this mind state have a greater ability to “rescript” material on a subconscious level.

2. The use of affirmations to direct positive programming to the subconscious to help in rescripting negative self-defeating beliefs. (Each Brain Supercharger soundtrack is loaded with powerful mindscripting™ affirmations embedded in the audio matrix.)

3. Holographic 3-D sound design that delivers specific spatial effects into a listener’s mind engineered so you “feel” the sounds moving around inside your head. And in this state of whole brain consciousness it is believed you can: enhance your creative and intuitive powers, produce significant gains in mental functioning, and expand your potential for learning and growth.

What You Hear And Don’t Hear

The Neuro-Matrix is composed of tones in a subsonic frequency range (beneath the threshold of normal human hearing). These tones coax your brainwaves slowly from a beta consciousness down into the theta range. The low humming sound you may hear in the background of your soundtracks is the Neuro-Matrix doing its thing. The Random Sound Harmonic Overlay (listening medium) was designed using nonrepetitive rhythms. It is not music, and therefore may seem boring to a mind that is used to a great deal of stimuli. But because there are no musical patterns to fixate on, the brain slows down. Your mind is then free to focus on the inner you.

As a result, many users report they are more creative and intuitive, enjoy greater mental clarity and psychological well-being.

What Happens To You In Theta

As your Brain Supercharger mentally relaxes you into a theta consciousness, your body physically relaxes too. Your heart rate decreases and respiration becomes regular and relaxed. Your muscles relax, and your arms and legs become limp. Your attention becomes focused inward while outside distractions seem to melt away.

Here are some comments from different people of what the experience feels like to them:

“An incredible floating sensation.” “I feel like I can just let things happen and everything will work out for me.”

“I feel an increase in energy, and a release in tension.”

“It’s not the same kind of relaxation like lying down and taking a nap. Instead it’s a special kind of relaxation. I feel more aware, and it gives me a great feeling of power and concentration.”

“I feel as though I’d left my body.”

It is believed by psychologists and neurologists that the brain uses the theta state for psychological and physiological programming. By training the brain to stay in this altered state on a daily basis for a minimum of 30 minutes, you are opening a door to your unlimited self. Listening to this special soundtrack becomes more than just a pleasant experience. The positive change it produces will affect every area of your life.

As you use this program over a period of months, you should notice less overall stress in your daily life. The anxiety-quelling properties of regular meditation are well documented. And your Brain Supercharger experience should deliver similar stress reducing results. Plus, if used regularly, these soundtracks can help you perform at optimum levels. After only a few months of use you’ll discover subtle but profound shifts in your life.

In addition to a significant reduction in stress, you’ll feel a heightened awareness and perception of events around you. You’ll become more “centered” and experience a greater sense of “aliveness” and “focus” as you engage in your daily activities. This shift is subtle but profound. And the life transforming effects you’ll experience over the months and years to come are forever.

Rescripting Your Subconscious 

Reducing stress, expanding awareness, transforming your inner world are all incredible benefits of regular use of this technology. But there is something even more powerful that you’ll be able to experiment with. Your Mind Lab uses “Mindscripting” versions of this soundtrack that you can use to help reprogram your beliefs about yourself and how you perceive the world. You should be aware of how this technology can be used to rescript negative emotions and subconscious behaviors. The subconscious mind records and stores our experiences. Through repetition, our experiences become learned automatic functions of behavior, like, tying your shoes, driving a car or riding a bicycle.

All of these activities begin on a conscious level, but through repetition become scripted into the subconscious resulting in habitual behavior patterns. Our experiences also form our internal images of “self.” These inner images of success or failure we have formed about ourselves radiate outward into the world and affect the way we are judged and treated by others. Habits and internal images of “self” are stored on a subconscious level and can be either good for us or barriers to our growth.

Have you ever wondered why change is so difficult? The reason is because years of defeating self-talk, fear, and negative reinforcing experiences have encrusted a mindscript in the subconscious of failure and limitation. Your inner images have become your reality.  For example, if you see yourself as a poor public speaker, your subconscious mindscript will cause you to stutter, stammer, or become nervous during your speech. Likewise, if you see yourself as a great performer and someone who has a natural ability for public speaking, you probably would have no trouble performing in front of an audience. Your subconscious mindscript keeps you acting in a manner that is consistent with your internal images about reality.

The Secret Behind The Technology

The reason why the Mindscripting Technology can be so effective in changing behavior and modifying a person’s self-image, is because the behavioral mindscript (positive experiences) is mapped directly onto the subconscious mind. These special mindscripts are recorded onto the soundtrack at a level that is barely audible to the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind hears clearly. Most self-improvement techniques attempt to work only with the conscious mind. The problem with telling your conscious mind, “I am wealthy,” or “I am thin,” is that it knows you’re lying. One woman who was trying to lose weight with conscious affirmations said, “I have affirmed that I am thin until I am worn out. I knew when I was telling myself those statements that it was obviously not true.” Her statements were rejected by the conscious mind and the very opposite of what she outwardly affirmed was manifested. Why? Because the subconscious mind will take your fears and limiting beliefs and in its own way create obstacles and limitations that prevent change from occurring. The behavioral mindscripts used in the Mindscripting process succeed because they do not produce a mental conflict with your critical conscious mind. The technology is designed to bypasses the conscious mind to be picked up by the subconscious only. The subconscious then goes about acting upon this new experience using the scripts as a guide.

KEY POINT: Your thoughts and emotions project an energy into the universe. By learning how to change your internal programming (how you think and see yourself) you can transform your external experiences. The universe automatically aligns to this new positive energy and incredible things begin to happen. The Brain Supercharger technology provides a simple, highly effective method for unleashing this power. The most important fact about the subconscious is this: The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real and an imagined experience! By bombarding the subconscious with new internal images and experiences, you are literally rewriting your internal mindscript. And then your outward experiences are realigned to match these new inward images of reality. The subconscious will follow whatever instructions are placed into it. It doesn’t pay any attention to whether or not it is acting in our best interests—it just follows the script our experiences and internal dialogue have given it.

Why These Soundtracks Are Special 

By using the Neuro-Matrix, Random Sound Harmonic Overlay, and the exclusive Mindscripting Technology, The Brain Supercharger soundtrack with behavioral mindscripts, represent a breakthrough in personal development technology. First, the Neuro-Matrix alters your consciousness and induces a theta state of consciousness. In this special mind-state, you are more receptive to new ideas and experiences. Then, the Random Sound Harmonic Overlay helps coax your brain into whole brain synchrony. As your left and right brain become synchronized, your mind becomes primed and ready for behavioral rescripting.

Finally, the Mindscripting Technology, using the special behavioral mindscripts, maps new habits and behaviors into your subconscious mind. As these mindscripts enter your subconscious, they begin to stimulate a dramatic transformation in attitude and behavior. This is why the Brain Supercharger is considered to be the most powerful self-improvement technology ever created.


Questions And Answers

Q: What results should I expect from these soundtracks?

A: Each person is different, and it will depend on how often you play them as to how quickly you’ll see results. Many people will feel an immediate difference in their attitudes and behaviors. However it may require several weeks of repetitious sessions before you start seeing substantive results. Everyone should have noticed some positive effects within 60 days.

Q: How often should I use these soundtracks?

A: Use your Brain Supercharger once per day for a full 30 minute session. It may seem difficult at first to fit this 30 minutes into your busy schedule. But it will be well worth the time spent if you do. The benefits of stress reduction, heightened well-being, creativity, and mental clarity in addition to any psychological rescripting benefits make this as important as physical exercise is for your body. You should notice significant improvements in your attitudes about life, at work and in your personal relationships. Give it at least 2 or 3 months of regular daily use and see for yourself if these benefits are not worth fitting a 30 minute session into your life.

Q: How should I rotate the different titles into a schedule?
A: It’s best to work with no more than 3 different titles at a time. If you are “supercharging” on a daily basis, pick 3 titles in the area you wish to work in and simply rotate them into your schedule.

Q: What type of headphones should I use for playing my Brain Supercharger(s)?
A: The better stereo headphones have a better frequency response. You don’t need the most expensive equipment in the world to get results with these soundtracks, but a quality system will enhance the experience significantly. The Brain Supercharger soundtrack requires stereo headphones. The single most important factor in making this soundtrack effective is the quality of the headphones. The new ultra-light headphones that sit on the surface of the ear may not be as effective as the kind with the strong magnets that completely surround your ear. If you are planning to invest in a quality
pair of headphones, get the kind that completely surround your ear. (Prices range from $50-$350.)

Q: What is the content of the behavioral mindscripts?
A: Each Brain Supercharger comes with a list of the behavioral mindscripts embedded in the soundtrack. You can get a copy of this on the Zygon website.

Q: When is the best time to play my sessions?
A: The Brain Supercharger requires 30 minutes of undisturbed relaxation. Plan a time
when you can give yourself this 30 minutes each day. Put your phone on airplane mode. .find a quiet place, and lock the door. Many busy people get up a half hour early every morning to plug into their Brain Supercharger. It not only gives them the extra 30 minutes, but the resulting mental clarity and focused attention remains with them throughout the day. Others use it after they get home from work and find it helps them relax after a busy day. And some find it works best for them just before going to bed. You can experiment and find the best time for you and your schedule.

Q: Why can I hear the mindscripts on the Brain Supercharger?
A: Because you are in a focused mind-state, your awareness is actually heightened.
You should be able to hear whispers or murmurs, but not be able to consciously make out the specific mindscripts themselves. This is intentional and not a defect in the soundtrack. The frequency and volume threshold of the behavioral mindscripts have been adjusted to insure maximum results.

Q: Is there any benefit to playing these soundtracks more than once per day?
A: Some find it useful to do a Brain Supercharger session 2 or 3 times a day. Others find this is too much. Like exercise consistency is best. The results are subtle and cumulative over time.

Q: At what volume level should I play my Brain Supercharger?
A: The best playback volume is at a comfortable level where the sounds themselves are not loud enough to become a distraction to your relaxation.

Q: Can I use these CDs while I’m driving?
A: DO NOT use the Brain Supercharger soundtrack while driving, or operating any
machinery for obvious reasons.